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January 25, 2014  •  8 Comments hear this. It's planned to avoid school holidays and precedes the Northern Zone photography convention in Coffs Harbour by two weeks.Wanna be involved..for the duration or the few days you can spare? It's flexible, like a zoom lens. Whatsitall@bout?…


photodyssey  /fəˈtɒdəsi/

n. A periodic, long and eventful journey for the purpose of cultivating self expression through photography (source wowfactorpix lexicon)


Where? Inverell district NSW
When? April 28 - May 3
What? Photodyssey, of course!
Who? Group 5.6 photographers, and passionate, invited foto- friends, acquaintances, and partners
How? Your own transport. Motels or camping & cabins at Inverell Caravan Park by the Macintyre River; camping, cabins, on-site vans or bunkhouse at Copeton Waters State Park
Emma Chi$it? Your time, food and personal expense$
Why? Silly question




Start with one or two nights in Inverell, where I was born and raised and nurtured a love of nature and outdoor pursuits: a wonderful inland town. One or two mornings in the mist at Lake Inverell photographing coots, ducks, pelicans! and grebes...swans, swamphens, shags and serenity—the vulnerable turquoise parrot or perhaps the endangered regent honeyeater—seen recently in the reserve? Will an elusive reed warbler linger or will they all have migrated north with the dollar birds by then? Perhaps a day trip from Inverell to Kwiambal National Park—the gorge confluence of the Severn and Macintyre Rivers: river red gums, granite crags and rock holes. Special treat...order the world’s largest raisin toast (my claim, not theirs) at The Bridge Coffee Lounge in The ‘rell.


Lake Copeton

We spend the rest of the photodyssey at the lake, 40km from Inverell. Camp or cabin it. If enough people are interested, the bunkhouse can be hired for $500 per night. It has seven bedrooms (can sleep about 40), kitchen and bathroom facilities, and a hall that we could use for presentations. Five couples can hire the bunkhouse for about the same cost as hiring five self-contained cabins. Accommodate more than five couples in the bunkhouse and it’s cheaper than cabins, with the bonus of a communal meeting place with electricity and digital projection potential (Group 5.6 will bring a projector and sound).


What does Lake Copeton offer?

Bushwalking, tennis, golf, picnics, camp kitchens, fishing, apostlebirds, blue-faced honeyeaters, kangaroos, kangaroos, kangaroos guessed it...probable problematic pelicans!


Relishing red by an autumn campfire. That alone is reason to go.


Granite boulders, water bleached and au natural. The lake. Drowned trees. Clear skies and stars. Light painting on bleached granite boulders. And...if you must...sunrises and sunsets over the lake.

Nearby: Sepoy State forest. The Gwydir Gorge. Take a car run down the Gwydir Valley to Bingara for a counter lunch or picnic.

Stimulating discussion and perhaps a presentation or two. I’d like to pre-flight at least one of my Northern Zone presentations. Do you have an audio visual you’d like to share? A portfolio? A current photographic passion? Bring it!



More information about Copeton Waters



Let’s open the discussion on this blog page to f5.6ers and invitees.


NOTE: If you were emailed a link to this blog post by a member of f5.6, then you're invited.

Non-f5.6-member invitees can register for a free account (and also feel free to comment on images in the galleries :-)


A philosophical moment on the Gwydir River below Lake Copeton.

As they sat on rocks befitting their stations, looking out over the vast, misty domain spread before them at the foot of the mountain, Grasshopper turned to his mentor and asked...”What is the meaning of life, Master?”

And the Master replied, “Forty two, Grasshopper.”

...and later...

“You know something, day all of this will be yours.”

Grasshopper smiled and clicked his heels, landed on the water and was eaten by a passing trout.



8.f5.6 Rob Smith
UPDATE: Roy (and possibly Anne) and at least three other members from Belmont 16 Footers will attend.

I should have mentioned in the original post that accommodation bookings are up to each individual/party.

I recommend Inverell Caravan Park for economical cabin accommodation during the Inverell segment of the photodyssey. Cousins Motor Inn, nearby, is also recommended. I've stayed in both places.

Those who've aleeady committed to coming are dead keen. It will be an intensive photographic hothouse (not the weather type, the inspirational type) experience. ®
7.f5.6 Rob Smith
Beau and Gayle, can't say how much I'd love you and Gayle to be there and experience my home town and environs. Safe travels to you...wherever you are out there in the heat and wilds right now.
6.Beau Nestor
Gayle and I would love to be a part of this - we hope to be in the right State and the right Country at the right time!
5.f5.6 Robyn Mussett
I'm in and looking forward to it. It would be wonderful if Roy, Des and Gerard are able to join us.
4.f5.6 John Stranack
Rob its in my diary.
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